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Grammatica Arabica
Scientific grammar of Arabic written by the Dutch Orientalist Thomas Erpenius (died 1624). The Grammatica Arabica was the first scientific grammar of Arabic written by a Western scholar, and remained unsurpassed as the most popular and influential guide to the rudiments of Arabic grammar until well into the 19th century. By making Arabic grammar accessible to students educated in the Latin tradition, the Grammatica Arabica also represents a watershed in the history of European attempts to teach and learn Arabic in Europe. This edition was printed by Erpenius’ colleague, Franciscus Raphelengius (died 1597), who produced the first Arabic typeface used in Leiden.
Ecclesiae suae origines
The first Arabic book to be printed in England. Translation of Eutychius’s (died 940) Naẓm al-Jawhar (String of Jewels), a chronicle of events from Creation to his own time. Also known as Said bin Batriq, Eutychius was the Melchite Patriarch of Alexandria. Translated with commentary by John Selden (died 1654). Arabic text with Latin translation. Printed by Richard Bishop.
Arabicae Linguae, Novae, et Methodicae Institutiones
Antonio dall’Aquila’s grammar of classical and vernacular Arabic composed for his students at San Pietro in Montorio, Italy. Aquila himself was the former custodian of the Franciscan convent in Aleppo. Aquila developed the work according to a new methodology that aimed to provide a means to understand any Arabic book through the study of vernacular Arabic. Published by Propaganda Fide